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Packers And Movers in Bangalore

Packers & Movers in Bangalore

Packers And Movers in Bangalore
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Who are Packers and Movers?

Packers and movers as the name suggests are logistics companies who lend a helping hand to you for packing and moving your items related to household, corporate, automobiles and other such commodities from one destination to another. 

They are professionals and provide you with all the packaging material involved, labour, means of transport and even insurance needed to transit your items safely and timely.

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Why do we need Packers and Movers?

4. Co - ordination: The fact that moving does involve a lot of functions and services of different people say, transporters,       insurance organisations, packaging material requirement and manpower etc. All the efforts required for a smooth co-ordination of all these elements under one roof comes to us in the name of packers and movers. This helps us to concentrate on sorting our requirements as against wasting our efforts.

5. Safety: Experience talks. Though we take all the efforts to pack our items neatly and properly they should be transported carefully. Packers and movers have efficient , trained and experienced staff who take care right from packing to loading, unloading , transporting and unpacking your items with utmost care.

One can always pack their items on their own and move to another destination. Sure, why not. But, services provided by packers and movers helps you to save a lot of time and effort. To gist a few benefits of using the services of packers and movers we have:

  1. Time : The more hands at work the quicker the task. Packers and movers come with a package of providing labour to provide that professional help to pack and unpack your items in an efficient pattern saving a lot of your time. Corporate too benefit from this service as they save a lot of saleable hours.
  2. Effort: Experienced labour minimises the efforts required in maybe re doing the packing or understanding the pros and cons and safety of the products to be transferred.
  3. Cost: The cost of using the services of packers and movers may vary depending on the route, amount of items, packaging items, unpacking etc. It definitely however is economical and proves beneficial.
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What are the services that Packers and Movers provide?

A back breaking and tedious task made easy and simple. That is what Packers and Movers do. They literally pack your stuff from one place and move it to another.. no strings attached!
So what and where all do Packers and Movers come and how far do they help you with this task.. lets see below:

  1. Intra city : P & M help you in packing all the tiniest details that are required to be moved and help you transport it from locality in a city to another. A group of very helpful people as appointed by the company arrive and work with you to pack and move your set up to the next location. They also unpack your belongings and help you set up your room, kitchen and make the house basically functional.
  2. Intercity: Intercity movements come with great relief because of packers and movers. They also provide you the insurance facility for any damage to the goods, furniture etc they are holding while in transit.
  3. International: International movement requires more detailing than the intra and intercity movements require. Laws and regulations of country don’t necessarily fit the one your moving to. Shipments need to be prepared and packaging needs to be done similarly in order to take care of your requirements.
  4. Cargo: Cargo packaging requires a customised approach for the client. Cargo can be used for moving all types of goods safety and appropriately specially for automobiles, flammable products, perishable products etc. Neat and secure packing and cost effectiveness play a major role here.
  5. Insurance Services: While you do plan to relocate your items it is important to ensure that you feel relaxed that your products are safe against any wear and tear. Packers and Movers take care of this aspect of your needs and provide Moving goods insurance, packaging goods insurance, loading and unloading insurance for a delighted customer experience.
  6. Warehousing: Transporting goods or items may need time and requires adequate warehousing facility. Safety of the customer’s goods and products at warehousing spaces are guaranteed. Warehousing plays an important role during relocating in case of time differences between set ups and countries as well.
  7. Automobile: Car transportation has gain prime importance in the field of movers. Car works as a status symbol of oneself and people spend a lot to buy the brand and model of their choice. Keeping such sentiments in mind car moving requires adequate care and safety and needs to be prompt for the best customer satisfaction.
  8. Household: House hold movements can be tedious as it requires minute details being packed and transported. Packers and Movers come as a helping hand in this field. Safely and neatly packed, carrying enough and beyond packing material and assurance is the core objective of the group.
  9. Corporate: Corporate moving whether inter or intracity means loss of productive and effective time of the team. Packers and movers work towards making this a smooth and fastened process. Re setting the entire structure back at the relocated place and re gaining the business back on track proves as a boon to you.
  10. Connect: Packers and Movers are available and have their or affiliated branches all over the world now – a – days. Once moved or relocated you may find it tough to go back to connect with the movers. However facilities being widespread make an added advantage for grievances and further alliances.
  11. Wide choices: A lot of choices come to your rescue when you think about using packing and moving facilities. Top end Packers and Movers with worldwide presence and local movers provide these services.
  12. Easy access: Access to reach out and get details of Packers and Movers is no longer a task at hand.. its rather a click away. Details of the packers and movers and their services are all uploaded for easy reference on their individual website.

How to select a Packer and Mover that best suits you?

Many a times we know what we want but today the market is flourished with choices to spoil. With references from pin to piano just a click away the world is knitting closer. People are different and so are their choices. A good experience with one company for one may be a disaster for another. This however, you cannot change.  But what we actually can do is to ensure that we pick our Packers and Movers carefully and consider the following points when selecting them:


  • Compare: Screen the rates and compare the cost of your requirements from a few options.
  • Lower Cost: Being able to give you a lower cost doesn’t mean that its the best option and should be grabbed. The services and efficiency may differ a little from a higher ranged mover.
  • Written estimate: Always opt for a written estimate and quote to avoid confusion during actual payments.


  • Documentation: Check the documents of the logistics company you are about to hire for fraudsters. These maybe their registration, tax , license etc.
  • Personal meeting: Meet the provider personally instead of just going online or over the phone. This will ensure that there is a real set up and he be located in case of any emergency.
  • Branches: Try and choose someone who has branches at your destination as well because then they are well versed with the norms there. Laws differ and unloading and freight charges become a hassle otherwise. Small towns may not give you many options but people there genuinely work hard for customer satisfaction for lack of choices.
  • Review: In today’s world it is not possible to know each individual in forget your town but even your own building, so the best way is to look for reviews over the net and be cautious of the warning signs. Question the company for any doubts.
  • Reference: The best way is also to use the services of one of reference from a known one provided it suits your bill.
  • Trademark: There are companies and people out there trying to forge the name of well known Packers and Movers for the sake of their benefit. Ensure that the documents like the initial written quotations and estimates bare the correct trademark of the provider you are looking for.

While you take every effort that you are cautious in selecting your providing carefully also beware of certain points in order to avoid getting duped.

  • Cost vs Services: In a very chance some companies will quote less and then not provide certain requirements like packaging material, insurance which is a last minute hassle and disappointment.
  • Trademark: Check the trademark on documents for authenticity of the provider. Local companies would try to dupe you in the frame of larger companies.
  • Hidden costs: Please ensure that when selecting the services of the Packers and Movers you have discussed all the requirements carefully and got a clear quotation. Hidden costs are a complete nuisance once you have finished the task.
  • Insurance: Confirm the authenticity of the insurance provided and the terms and conditions therein. Many a time’s the insurance covers have too many conditions leaving you with no choice in case of damages.
  • Inventory list: Do not forget the inventory list once you have loaded the items. Its important to check the number of cartons and other commodities when unloading for any loses.

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