Packers And Movers From Bangalore To Kerela – My Experience

My experience of Packing and Moving from Bangalore to Kerela in a city called Kochi was a total mess. I thought it would not be difficult to pack and transport things from city which is only approximately 9 hrs away, but I was wrong!

Kochi is in the state of Kerela where people speak Malayalam, Bangalore however speaks Kannada. Thankfully due to the history of the British, Chinese, Dutch and Portuguese who came to Kochi mainly for trade English, Hindi and even Tamil is well spoken though not preferred here. Starting my venture here was very different from shifting base.

I packed my home and had to move base to Kochi for better prospects. The day I decided to move is a day I will never forget. Calculating 9 hours on the clock, I decided to start the packing a day before and start transporting early in the morning. What I had with me was household items of a two bedroom + hall flat in Bangalore and had decided to move into a one bedroom hall flat in Kochi because this one was on rent.

The mess started right from here. Loading the truck was a planned effort and systematically done.

I did read about Agarwal Packer and Movers but decided to use my own experience. I was happy the way it began but as it rightly said “experience counts”, that is what happened. Our timing though calculated for about 9 hrs took us approximately 12 hrs to reach. Halts, traffic, diesel and all of that takes more time than you would expect.

By the time we did reach Kochi, it was about 10 o’clock and we could not find anybody to unload so much stuff. We waited all night and finally I decided to venture out to find my buddies. Since packing and moving is a full-time business people generally do not agree to just a part of it, especially since it reduces the margins. So, I had to pay a bomb just for unloading.

The second challenge I faced here was the disposing of unwanted stuff which I did not think of doing in Bangalore. I had to move stuff to my new home, all the things of the 2 bhk flat does not fit in a 1 bhk. I didn’t need a lot of stuff as well so the stuff I was moving into the new house was an unnecessary burden. Furthermore, some large size furniture which I eventually couldn’t fit into my new little home had to be kept in a warehouse without any insurance and be bitten by rats before I could finally sell it of at dirt cheap prices then.

I am sure that the cost of Packers and Movers from Bangalore to Kochi would have been almost the same or even lower if I had just called them instead of doing this myself.

The next time that I did decide to move into another rental I started my search on packers and movers and didn’t dare to assemble on the tasks they do even in an intracity move.  I was extremely sure of the hassles here and trust you me the experience of was a stress free one with the hiring of a packer and mover here. Hit the search engine for Packers and Movers from Bangalore to Kerela or local Packers and Movers and get whatever you are looking for.